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The Problem


Entrepreneurs, remote workers and the self-employed all face the same challenge: self motivation.

Without the social checks of a boss or co-workers to push you along , it all falls to you to set objectives and continually work towards them.

This leads to endless perfectionism and procrastination over the tasks that you know will create the greatest value.

The Solution


Research shows that you are 9 times more likely to accomplish a goal when you commit action and meet regularly with an accountability partner.

Think of Productivity + as a personal trainer for your productivity; a coach who takes responsibility for your results and pushes you to achieve more.

What we offer

Productivity Plus has changed my life.

Prior to joining I was consistently behind at work, missing deadlines, and having to work at home which was starting to impact family life.

In the first month of membership I had: caught up on all day to day tasks,

built a system for managing my teams activities, closed a new deal, implemented an online storefront, and was able to dedicate more time at home to my family.

To have someone, even thousands of miles away, that is actively rooting for you to succeed and that is there to keep you on track when the distractions creep in; it’s amazing!


Atlanta – USA

Membership Benefits


Your dedicated coach will help you to identify and set ambitious long and short term goals

Productivity System

The Productivity + system gives you a simple way to break goals into actionable steps and keep track of progress

Accountability Coaching

Your coach will keep you on track, ensuring that no day or week goes wasted.

Coaching calls take place twice a month, eliminating procrastination, overwhelm and indecision

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Your coach will help you to set ‘proof of done’, a scientifically proven way of motivating you to achieve your best work without distraction or procrastination


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